Supernatural Destiny: Answering God’s Call on Your Life


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Discovering a destiny that began with a vision.

Supernatural Destiny is the true story of a man s unique and deeply personal encounter with God. Don Nori s destiny was played out for him by God in a vision that led him through the most difficult struggles of his life to emerge from the other side as a loving husband, a respected father, and a very successful businessman. Supernatural Destiny teaches you how you too can live a victorious life by keeping God s vision forefront in your body, mind, and spirit. This personal journey reveals the true grit of a man whose grandfathers emigrated from Italy with nothing but hope for a better life for their families. With God, all things are possible, as is proven true throughout this amazing story.

In the words of Sid Roth: Loving God, hearing His voice, and persevering through every demonic obstacle is the purpose of life. As you read Don Nori, Sr. s book, Supernatural Destiny, I believe the same supernatural anointing that allowed him to fulfill his destiny will splash on you.

Let the journey begin!

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